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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported, one-on-one relationships that change lives for better, forever.

For more than a century, Big Brothers Big Sisters worldwide has been helping change kids’ perspectives and giving them the opportunity to reach their potential. Globally we have more than a century’s worth of volunteers, donors, and advocates to thank.

In the early 1990s, under the leadership of Pastor Stanwyck Myles a group of concerned residents had been organized and were providing mentoring to children and teenagers.

In 1995, with the help of the Lions Club of Grand Cayman, Big Brothers Big Sisters was formally incorporated in the Cayman Islands.

Who do we serve…

  • Children that are growing up with only one parent, or raised by relatives
  • Children from a family stretched for time, finances or other resources
  • Children that may have difficulty at school, either socially or academically
  • Children with a parent that has a terminal illness or who have lost a family member through death or divorce
  • Children that have been subject to verbal or physical abuse at home, school or in the community
  • Children that lack access to extracurricular activities or the extra help they need to get caught up academically or socially

The Power of Big Brothers Big Sisters


less likely to begin using alcohol


less likely to skip school


less likely to skip a class


less likely to hit someone


less likely to use illegal drugs

about graduation

Our Board of Directors

  • Pilar Bush – Chairperson
  • Angela Martins – Deputy Chairperson
  • Nick Gaze – Treasurer
  • Rich Pooley – Secretary
  • Patrice Hanson – (represents the Lions Club of Grand Cayman)
  • Patrick-Jordan Barnes - Member
  • Omari Corbin – Member
  • Daniella McGowan – Member
  • Raul Nicholson Coe – Member
  • Dave Spratt – Member